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And maybe throw in a couple ‘fun things’ too – lunch at a park that would have a great playground for kids or music during the summer over lunch hour.

All videos embedded in this site are available as free resources.” Scavenger Hunt An activity that can be done to help new staff learn about community resources is a “scavenger hunt”.Also, they warned me not to lock my son out of the house because according the law, at 17 he can stay out as long as he wants and his parents cannot deny him entry to their home or they will be breaking the law. My son has not had any legal troubles yet but it is only a matter of time because I know he smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol and may be using pot.The person I spoke with did not know if I have a legal obligation to provide food and clothing to my 17 yr old if he leaves home. He thinks he is smart because he hasn't gotten caught and that I should be proud of him for not have a criminal record.Second, your parents do not need 24 hours to file a Missing Person report.They may file one once they determine you voluntarily left without the intent to return.Each will link you to resources related to that topic; articles, webinars, websites, books and face to face training opportunities.

If you have resources that you would like us to post and share with other home visiting and family support professionals, please send those to [email protected]

I tried to find out what the law says about this situation but I did not get very clear answers.

According to the juvenile probation officer I spoke with, in Texas a 17 year old CAN move out but if they do something stupid their parents are still legally liable until the kid turns 18.

They also have the duty of care, control, protection, and reasonable discipline of the child.

Therefore, they may lawfully tell you "no" when you wish to leave or move out.

A series of tip sheets was created for supervisors supporting staff around the implementation of various tools including the Abuse Assessment Screen (Domestic Violence), the Edinburgh (postpartum depression), the Childhood Experiences Survey, The HOME Inventory, and the Perceived Stress Scale.