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MAs T: Salem, OR Chapter, Fet Life Chat about what it is like locally to find fetish clothes that fit us here in the Great Northwest, as well as any other issues that come up in our lives.

Encompasses areas around the Columbia, Yakima, Snake, Umatilla, and Walla Walla rivers in E. GAY IN PDX…, Fet Life For women (or woman identifiers) to share their tips, tricks, shops and brands they swear by to keep up a classy and or kinky life in the pacific northwest.

Eugene and Oregon blood play, Fet Life Fitness focused group for Eugene/Springfield area.

For people to get together to improve their health and stamina.

Activities may vary, but mostly running/jogging/walking, will include group bike rides, day hikes, team sports. Eugene Munch Group, Fet Life For vendors, businesses and individuals that either make, trade and/or sell kink items/services, or else are in support of the kink community in general, as well as anyone who might be a client of same.

The Far East Munch, Fet Life Support, education and practice oriented group where models, photographers and special talent artists of OR/WA/BC can exchange information, ideas and collaborate on shoots.

Inclusive and welcomes individuals of all colors, shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

Organizes events and activities to provide social enjoyment and camaraderie to our membership and members of the GLBTQ community.list, especially as group names often include abbreviations or other methods obscuring their placement.Signing up for update emails (via Change link at bottom of each page) and/or reviewing the list regularly is recommended. Classes and social opportunites for people interested in polyamory and open relationships.Northwest Pan, Bi, Les BBWs, Fet Life Community in Portland for the exploration of blood play and body modification that includes a ritual/ spiritual/ energy element as well as the sensuality of the rest of our larger community.Oregon Ageplayers, Littles, ABs and DLs, Fet Life For conversations with Adult Littles (Age Players), Bigs, Adult Babies, Adult Toddlers, Adult School Kidz, Adult Babyfurs, the curious, the Mommies & Daddies that take care of us and everyone in between.Oregon and Washington Vendor Reviews, Fet Life Purpose: To give kudos (& possibly more business) to vendors whose work is top quality, to warn others of the vendors whose work is shoddy, unfairly priced, or deal in unscrupulous business practices by way of cheating customers through bait-and-switch, not delivering on goods ordered, etc.

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    No worries Sophie is not engaged, still dating Nick Marshall though but definitely not walking the aisle anytime soon and the bling on her hand is her mom’s ring that Sophie likes to wear for luck sometimes. I wear it for good luck sometimes.” “I’ve been with the same guy for a year and some change and I really like him, but I don’t think we’re getting engaged anytime soon,” she adds. ” Sophie has been dating Canadian snowboarder Nick Marshal since October 1, 2011, they currently live together in Whistler, Canada with their two beautiful dogs.

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