Accommodating lens implant

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An improved intraocular lens (42) is provided which more closely mimics the accommodation and focusing of the eye's natural lens.The lens (42) comprises an optic (44) and a flexible, resilient optic positioning element (46) which includes an anterior section (48), a posterior section (50), a bight (56),...

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If this lens flexes freely in your eyes, then it is the best intraocular lens in the world.

If we are doing image guided laser cataract surgery with a Crystalens accommodating intraocular lens we charge around ,000.00 more to cover the extra service and expenses involved per eye.

You would not pay these additional Crystalens costs if you had non-image guided, non laser, non advanced IOL cataract surgery.

The question is how accommodating is your accommodating intraocular lens (that was supposed to be a joke.) Recently, a friend of mine stopped by the office to discuss cataract surgery.

She was having enough trouble with her vision that we decided to fix her cataracts.

Standard intraocular lenses are covered by and provided by your insurance company.

Advanced technology IOL’s require that you pay some amount extra to pay for the additional expenses and testing to go into a lens that provides extra benefits to your lifestyle like the Crystalens.What varies from one person to the next is how much it flexes.Some can make it focus from distance to near and everywhere in between.She valued high quality distance vision and spends a lot of time on the computer.She was fine using readers for up close vision if she needed them, but hoped to see the computer without glasses.As you use the focusing muscles inside your eye, the Crystalens flexes to change shape and position to focus on closer objects.

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