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The loser of the Jackpot Hand recieves 50% of the Jackpot, the winner receives 25% of the jackpot.

The AA4203-TL (11.2 mm) comes in spherical powers of 9.5 to 23.5 D.Waiting more then 10 minutes even on a Friday and Saturday night for any game is very rare.They are very quick to open a new table when the number of players warrant one. Lots of new players and older regulars are in the 2/4 & 1/5 stud games.It comes in 4 powers which can correct astigmatism from 0.75 diopters to 3.62 Diopters.These are monofocal intraocular lenses so patients will still require spectacle correction for other distances. J.) (Figure 4) is a modified plate haptic aspheric silicone accomodating IOL.It should be made clear to the patient that lenticular correction will be required for other distances (typically near and intermediate).

Realistic expectations on the patient's part make for a successful outcome.

The axis marks align with the flat meridian of the lens.

The lens comes in 3 powers at the IOL plane: 1.25, 2.00 and 2.75 D (which correspond with the following powers at the corneal plane 0.83, 1.33 and 1.83 D respectively).

The toric lenses currently available are designed to correct corneal astigmatism.

Patients with irregular astigmatism will not fare as well.

They are able to correct up to 4.5 D of corneal astigmatism. The lens has 3 axis marking dots on either side of the optic periphery which designate the direction of the steep axis of toric power.

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