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Click over to Your Tango to find out the 7 biggest online dating mistakes women make.

Before we wrote the profile, I asked her to send me her four best pictures. Keep in mind that every man has different taste in women, so what is “hot” to one man will be totally different than what is “hot” to another.

There’s no doubt that how you look in your profile pic is probably what hooks a potential date.

We all have a certain “type” we go for but sometimes, a certain look, feature or expression will break the most rigorous of type preferences, so make those photos count. There is no point putting up a pic of you 10 years ago in a bikini. In fact, ditch any half-naked photos in favour of meaningful poses. We suggest a modest but alluring smile and let your eyes do the talking.

In the world of Internet dating, "29" usually means somewhere in your 30's.

He is going to find out what you look like, so you might as well tell the truth in your profile. Men are guilty of the same thing, and I advise them the same way.2. I've seen too many women's profiles that look like romance novels.

At the very same time, that match receives your profile. Each match is handpicked by a real life, genuine, flesh and blood human.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about bagging that date.

I'm really glad you had a great time on your vacation, but you don't need to post 10 photos of your trip to Italy WITHOUT you in them. Also, stop posting pictures of you skydiving, winter skiing, waterskiing, or doing anything else where we can't see what you look like in the picture.3. Take a look at and read an article in the sports section.

All paragraphs are short so men can digest that information in short bursts. I've seen many women's profiles that say, "I want a man to be this," "I want a man to do that," "I want a man to cherish me," "I want a man to adore me"...

He said that she was walking “like a dog that someone had put socks on.” LOL, but not really LOL. If nothing else, I think we’ve demonstrated that, if you plan on getting involved in the dating world, you’re likely to have major disasters before you find your one true love.

I stopped reading the list of fails after I came across this one because it’s horrid. Like I said, I’m planning on diving throat deep into the dating cess pit again, and I’m eager to avoid at least some of this horror. Recently, Once have started pushing the envelope further still.

A woman was dating a man, and it had gone OK, nothing untoward. As they sat in his car, he suddenly locked all of the doors and shouted at the top of his lungs: “I WANNA EAT THAT FUCKING PUSSY! So, I had a look about, on the hunt for a solution. Once have been on the market for a little while; they seem like they are trying their darnedest to spare us the shit storm that dating can produce. They now allow you to interact with your personal matchmaker, ensuring that you can cover all of the bases that you want ticked and significantly reduce the chances you’ll be paired with a disaster-shaped human. *Ahem.*And, once you’ve given your Once matchmaker the low down and they send over your first match, if you’re not keen, you can get back in touch with the matchmaker and fine tune your preferences even further – kinda like in the screenshot below: You’re also able to talk to the matchmaker in real time via the app, so that you’ll be certain they have all the information they need to ensure that they pick out the very best potential significant other for you.

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    Others include sexy banter between characters including lurid descriptions of body parts and revealing clothing.