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But here come some Samoan facts I found out when I was there, and I was later curious about, so I looked up some of them: The islands were first discovered in 1722 by a Dutchman but from 1830 the English missionaries and traders started to be seen here more and more.

I just wanted a nice not to expensive two weeks holiday on the tropical islands.

As you might or might not know things are slow during business hours in the tropics and on the weekend, you’re lucky if anything is open at all.

Surprisingly the Samoa visitors bureau was open, and I spoke with a woman working there.

But if you have the time plus a taste for adventure, and you ask yourself how to get to Samoa, I wouldn’t hesitate, and I’d take the boat ride even if it takes a longer to get there.

You never know what can happen at sea, it might be very exciting or even deadly.

I never since saw anything like that on another airport anywhere else.

I didn’t have a clue about where I was going to spend the first night since I hadn’t booked any budget accommodation in Samoa and I arrived in Apia on a Sunday evening.

Last year, she posted a happy birthday to her auntie, with whom she was living in Quakers Hill until her arrest, saying 'Happy Birthday to the lady of our house an amazing, aunty, mom, chef ... Thank God for you [and] may our Good Lord continue to Bless you with many more years to come.

Love you loads xox' Chance find: If David Otte and his daughter Hayley (pictured) had not been cycling past the stormwater drain last Sunday morning and heard the baby's cries, the newborn boy may have died and never been found The friends responded: I know but be strong ok, we're here to give you our strength and love so you can do the same for her.

Flying to Samoa when I did, one used to cross the International date line so practically land one day behind in time.

Now I read that the prime minister moved the country over the dateline, so it’s now the same date as in Australia and New Zealand.

Now thinking about it, getting to Samoa by boat would have been a much more exciting experience, and I’ve heard that people do travel around in the South Pacific Islands by catching rides on boats from island to island.

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