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State why you want to do Masters in a particular field with enthusiasm and purpose.

During a certain period, I was unable to manage my studies and co-curricular activities which is what damaged my performance report.

You should be able to prove yourself that you have enough skills, background, and ability to advance your studies or work in the United States.

Successful visa interviews are not just based on documentation and background.

It is because the courses that are offered at this university perfectly match my area of interest that is Data Analytics.

Other institutes did not offer this field as a separate course, which is why this university became my top priority.

No matter the level of financial security and educational background backs up for you, preparation is a must.

Know the program and how it fits you – The more you know about your program, the more focused your answers will be.

Explain what other benefits pursuing MS in the States can bring to you that have greater importance than your current pay.

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Also, US universities offer excellent research opportunities through many assistant-ship programs.

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